The Southeast Asian Conference on Geophysics (SEACG) is held every 2 years since 2016 that organized by Geophysical Engineering, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology.   The 1st and 2nd conference were held in Bali, Indonesia and more than 150 participants attended as presenter and audiences. The selected papers were published in IOP proceeding Earth and Environmental Science that indexed by Scopus. Link publication can be access through SEACG2016 and SEACG2018.

This year the 3rd Southeast Asian Conference on Geophysics (SEACG) will be held in Bandung Indonesia. This conference provided a venue for collaboration, sharing and developing new ideas and technologies. The SEACG created an opportunity for academics, professionals, and students to promote and discuss the scientific results related to recent development in geophysical methods and related science. Topics to be during the conference including: (1) rock- and paleomagnetism; (2) near-surface geophysics; (3) geophysical approaches in hydrocarbon exploration; (4) geophysical approaches in geothermal exploration; (5) microseismic for new and renewable energy exploration; (6) environmental geophysics; (7) volcanology; (8) earthquake seismology; (9) exploration seismology; (10) current developments on potential method; (11) development and new approaches.

The main objective of this conference is to lead to develop new ideas and technologies in geophysical methods and related science. And this conference will be the meeting point between young and senior generations of geophysicists, so that the sharing experiences could be conducted effective and efficient. This year, our theme is “Future Challenges and Opportunities in Geophysics“. Some new geophysical insights and techniques will be introduced and delivered in this conference. Energies, Environments and infrastructures are the objects that their integrity and sustainability must be contemplated and considered by all earth scientists and engineers, in order to make sure the sustainability of human security in the future. Also, participants will be afforded the incredible chance to interact with leading experts from their respective fields, taking the opportunity to draw everyone commonly in a panel and to bestow their plans in different countries.