The 3rd Southeast Asian Conference on Geophysics (SEACG) 2020 Oral Presentation Guidelines

Pre-online oral presentation

  1. The oral presentation will be conducted online by the presenter using sharing feature in ZOOM application. Therefore, to avoid any connection problems that causes delayed schedule, the presenter may send the presentation material or recorded video to the committee if they want the committee to play it during oral presentation session.
  2. The slide presentation is made in Microsoft Powerpoint (*.pptx) at least Office 2010.


Online oral presentation (Live)

  1. Presenter must be ready in online meeting room at least 15 minutes before the presentation begins. The presenter should check Oral schedule in
  2. Presenter may use either Bahasa Indonesia or English in their oral presentation.
  3. The order of presentation is determined by the committees
  4. Each presenter must ensure that their presentations are not more than 15 minutes and it will be followed by 5 minutes of discussion.
  5. The committee will give time remainder in five, three and one minute before the presentation time is over.
  6. All participants are prohibited to unmute the mic during oral presentation.
  7. During the online sessions, all participants and presenters are expected to maintain peace and order.